Seoul Starter Pack

Have you just arrived here in Korea? Unsure about how to get around and how to fit in? Don’t worry. Meet Kimchiman, your local Korean friend and get some golden tips. Your uncertainty will turn into confidence! 

  • 2 hrs
  • $29
  • Up to 10 people

Where we will meet:

We will meet outside exit 7 of Gwanghwamun Station (Purple line/Line 5) and greet each other as if were old friends. Then, we will move to Hollys café nearby.

What you will do:

  • Download and learn how to use essential maps and apps: Google/Kakao/Naver Map.
  • Learn how to use public transport in Seoul and Korea.
  • Get tips on public manners when using public transportation: walking, behaviour, eye contact, buying things and ordering food
  • Learn how to order foods at a restaurant.

Practice together

  • Practice using chopsticks.
  • Practice Korean greetings.

The most important practice

  • Visit one landmark together using public transportation and T-money card with Kimchiman’s help. (Use your own T-money card.)
  • The landmarks will be one of these: a tourist attraction, a famous market, a cafe or a store