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3. Hongdae, Sangsu, Shinchon, Edae and Sunyudo Park



The route

3. Hongdae, Sangsu, Shinchon, Edae and Sunyudo Park

In this itinerary the places included are

  • Shinchon: clean, lively university area
  • Ehwa Woman’s University: ex-fashion mecca
  • Seonyudo Park: highly well-planned island park on the Han River
  • Sangsu: food town connected to Hongdae area
  • Hongdae: the hottest town in Seoul for fashion, restaurants, coffee, busking, etc.


Why Kimchiman recommends

Feel the young, fresh vibes and check out young people’s trend!


Shinchon, Ehwa Woman’s University areas are walkable. Seonyudo Park and Hongdae can be accessed by subway or bus. You can check the subway exits on this itinerary for each attraction in case you want to visit separately.

1. Shinchon

The representative university campus area where you can feel the young fever

Shinchon street when you come out of exit3 of Shinchon Station

Subway: exit 2 and 3 of Sinchon Station, line no.2, green line

Things to do: Stay hungry before you come here. You will find good restaurants and cafes at a good rate. Find all the other good ones at every little alley: chicken place, Samgyepsal place, beer place, Korean restaurant, etc. Enjoy watching art performers busking in the evening.


2. Edae (Ehwa Woman’s Unversity)

The fashion mecca in the 1990s; Edae Style before Gangnam Style

Ehwa Woman's University Area
Ehwa Woman’s University Area

Subway: exit 2 and 3 of Ehwa Woman’s Unversity Station, line no.2, green line

Things to do: Find the individual clothing stores, accessory shops, hairdressers’, cosmetics shops, bubble tea places and street foods.


3. Seonyudo Park

A beautiful ecological park built by reusing the facilities of a closed water purification plant on an island. 25 minutes away from Hongdae area.

Seonyudo Park

Subway: exit 2 of Seonyudo Station, line no.9, mustard line.

Opening Hours: 24/7

Tips: When you come from Shinchon or Hongdae area, take the green line to, line no.2 and transfer at Dangsan station to the mustard line, line no.9 to the west. Go 1 more stop and get out of exit 2 of Seonyudo Station.

Or if you come by bus, the most convenient one is 5714 and the name of the bus stop you get off at is Seonyudo stop. There is another bus no. 602 that goes to Yanghwadaegyo (Yanghwa Bridge) Jeonmang (viewpoint) Café Stop. If so, you should walk back for 5 minutes, which is the second best. Don’t take other buses that give you an only headache. After this park, crossing Seonyu Bridge in the park make you reach the Hangang Park.


4. Sangsu

Pretty area with cool restaurants and cafés connected to Hongdae area


Subway: exit 1 and 2 of Sangsu Station, line no.6, brown line.

Things to do: This area is famous for its coffee street. Full of unique restaurants, dessert cafes and coffee shops will quench your boredom. You can also see many street stalls selling hand-made accessories and goods. If you are regular at Hongdae, you should extend your area to Sangsu.


5. Hongdae

THE HOTTEST PLACE in Korea at the moment. New York Time’s top 10 sites to visit in Seoul

Hongdae Area
Hongdae Area

Hongdae = Hongik Daehakgyo = Hongik University

Subway: exit 8 and 9 of Hongik University Station, line no.2, green line.

Things to do: This area is famous for its street buskers, indie art culture. The entire area is filled with unique cafes, young designer’s’ clothing shops, accessory shops, clubs, and theaters, various graffiti on the walls around. The entire area turns into a mega festival town full of dancing, music, and clubbers. You can enjoy shopping, trendy snacks, entertainment, and culture. At night you can see a number of indie bands, amateur singers, dancers and various kinds of performers.

Café: Find unique cafes including cat café, cartoon café, and wedding café.

Hongdae Free Market: Held at Hongik Children’s Park every Saturdays 13:00 – 18:00 from Mar. to Nov.


The Map of Picasso Street

Picasso Street: It is a street of wall paintings from the College of Fine Arts at Hongik University. This is also a well-known location for K-dramas. See the above route.

Tips: You can start your tour from exit 8 and 9 of Hongdae Station or exit 3 or 4 of Sangsu Station. Continue your tour in Yeonam-dong area full of international cuisines, Chinese restaurants, cafes and design shops.

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