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      Hotel, Airbnb or guest house? This is always the most concerning thing ever. I would choose Airbnb. One hotel I found good is T*Mark hotel in Namdaemun. Their rates are very good.

      Chloe Rothrock

        I 100% recommend getting an AirBnB! It’s very affordable finding a place even in the center of Seoul. For the duration of my stay I was able to find a place to stay right above the Mapo-Gu Station. It was so practical!
        If you’re able to find a partner to split the costs of the accommodation that makes it even better. Finding a place in Seoul is never a difficult task. There are houses and apartments to fit the needs of any traveler!


          Absolutely! Airbnb is the best. I recommend areas near Mapo station, Mangwon Station, Mapogu Office station: they are all close to the river and 30 minutes away from major tourist attractions. 🤭

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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