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      Me, my sister and my best friend visited Seoul for the first time this year in April. We were prepared for the trip because we had read a lot about it, but as we know, official guidebooks do not mention all the places worth visiting. Mark took us on a tour of a traditional market. Although it is a well-known place, it is sometimes difficult to communicate there if you do not speak any or almost nothing in Korean. Mark explained everything to us, how the dishes were prepared and what they were made of, and told some curious sellers that we were guests from Poland. The trip itself was well prepared, interesting and took into account our wishes.
      I must also add that in the meantime we got wet in the rain and had to dry off before the trip. I got my coat dirty and had to find a convenience store to clean it. And my sister, who was supposed to join us, disappeared somewhere along the way and arrived an hour later than we planned to start. Through it all, Mark turned out to be a very nice and extremely patient person 🙂


        Hi Anna,

        It was real nice to meet you. We had a great time together at the market. I was happy to introduce you to my favorite Tteokbokki place in the market. I live 1 minute away, you know. So that is my life there. Tokyo Bingsu 도쿄빙수 was great, too. It was actually my first time to have it. Ever since than I did not have a chance to eat it again. LOl See you again and keep in contact.

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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