Odeng, the fish cake

Crushed fish and flour based street food. Along with Ddeokbboki Odeng is the one of the most loved street food.

fish cake
fish cake in the small shop of a train station



What on earth is this? Is that edible? Yes, it is. Is it gross? No, it isn’t. Well, it depends on your preference; if you like fish, you will like it. This is skewered fish cake, aka odeng. (오뎅) How do you make this? This is a flower-based snack made with fish. When you eat it, you will feel that this tastes fishy.



fish cake with hot sauce
fish cake with hot sauce



Many Koreans like it especially in the cold winter because it is served with its water. It tastes quite good. Usually, this is boiled with thick seaweed (다시마) and crab. (게)

There are many shapes. Also, you will sometimes find spicy odeng like the picture right above.



spicy fish cake
spicy fish cake


Where can you find it? At a street wagon or at any Ddoekbboki place. (떡볶이집) Why don’t you stop by and try it?


fish cake aka odeng
fish cake aka odeng



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I miss this so much 😭😭😭


Just had some last night. Odeng is life!!!!