Experience Seoul Unconventionally with “Seoul Your Way”.

Guided by Kimchiman, your Seoul Experience Curator and local friend, dive deeper than the usual tourist spots to uncover the city’s true essence and hidden gems.

Why ‘Seoul Your Way’?

1 True Hidden Gems of Seoul:

Discover places that even long-term residents might miss. Go beyond common tourist trails and delve into the city’s genuine, secret corners, witnessing Seoul from an insider’s perspective.

2 Personalized Discoveries:

Based on your passions, we craft a Seoul experience just for you. Whether you’re intrigued by the old-world charm, culinary delights, or local crafts, it’s an authentic journey curated by Kimchiman, far from the generic tourist checklist.

3 Affordability with Premium Experience:

Designed with young solo and small group explorers in mind, “Seoul Your Way” guarantees premium experiences at a value that’s approximately 30% less than the typical market rate.

Step away from the ordinary. Discover Seoul’s secrets and immerse yourself in a city adventure tailored just for you.

Contact me before booking and I will make the best itinerary for you or your small group.

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Full Day Tour

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