Been practicing Korean for months or even years in your home country? Now that you’re in Korea, are you struggling to chat with locals? It’s all too common to muster up the courage to speak in Korean, only to have Koreans reply in English. Super frustrating, right? Don’t worry! I’m here to help. Dive deep into a 1.5-hour Korean conversation and elevate your language skills.

Why “Speak Korean with Kimchiman” Stands Out:

Language Immersion: Dive into 1.5 hours of pure Korean. Experience a huge leap in your speaking proficiency.

Natural Settings: Our chats take place amidst Seoul’s hidden gems, offering an authentic atmosphere.

Structured Program: For the initial hour, it’s Korean only โ€“ even if it gets tough. This challenge will push you to grasp and guess in the conversation with me, Kimchiman. In the subsequent 30 minutes, we’ll review and clarify any expressions or phrases you found tricky.

Maximize the Benefit:

A little about me: I majored in English at Seoul Technical University, earning six scholarships and one English Contest Award. My academic background spans translation, interpretation, business, and teaching Korean.

Why do I do this?

Pure passion. I’m a polyglot, fluent in Korean, English, Nepali, and conversational in Japanese. Plus, I’m certified at C1 level in English by the University of Cambridge. My friend, Tara Watters from England, currently studying Korean at Dongguk University, shared her language learning struggles. It inspired me to support her and others like you. (P.S. You might spot her at our events!)

Here’s the Drill:

Location: We meet at Chungmuro Station (Line 4/Sky blue line), exit number 1 at 4:30 pm.

Alternating Venues: Even weeks? We’ll explore and chat. Odd weeks? A cozy cafe will be our backdrop.

Intimate Vibes:

Our group’s small size promises genuine interactions and relaxed, chill conversations.

Support & Share:

If you’ve enjoyed our session, it would mean a lot if you could cover my coffee every now and then. And hey, if you loved the experience, a shoutout on your socials tagging me would be amazing! Help others discover this fantastic event and support my passion.

๐Ÿ”ด RSVP is Essential!

Slots are capped at 7, ensuring a close-knit experience. Reserve your spot soon; unfortunately, we can’t accommodate last-minute arrivals.

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