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Join me & Experience Seoul’s Hidden Gems Only Locals Know.

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Struggling with plan-making vibes? Chill, Go10 Plans & Kimchiman have your back! Dive into itineraries personalized JUST for you, adventurous soul. Let’s create stories together. 👣 Check Now. 👇🏼

1. Historical Journey: Gwanghwamun Plaza, Gyeongbok Palace, and nearby

\The tourist attractions included in this itinerary Gwanghwamun Plaza a plaza in front of the front gate (Gwanghwamun) of Gyeongbok Palace where the statue of King Sejong and General Lee are sitatuted Samcheongdong Low-key Samcheong-dong draws visitors to Bukchon Hanok Village, a sprawling maze of centuries-old traditional houses filled with artisan workshops, tea rooms and […]

Don’t skim the surface. Travel is not about standard checklists and souvenirs. Join me and experience the Seoul only locals know. Experience the Seoul you never knew existed.

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Don’t worry. I’ve prepared ALL ESSENTIAL INFORMATION for you, from public transport to sim cards. See PLAN AHEAD section below. If you have more questions, join the webinar or simply WhatsApp me. 🙂

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Kimchiman - who is he?


Hi, My name is Eungul, AKA Kimchiman. 

I curate personalized adventures for solo explorers, unveiling Seoul’s hidden gems that most miss. I make genuine encounters and craft unforgettable memories for my friends. Experience the true Seoul like a dear friend would show you. Let’s vibe with Seoul!

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  1. So Seoul: Explore Seoul’s Hidden Gems you won’t find alone. 💎🔍
  2. Seoul Cafe Adventure (Free): Discover cozy cafes in hidden corners ☕️
  3. Go10 Plans (FREE): Tailored DIY itineraries for the adventurous soul. Crafted to save you significant planning time and ensure you discover essential landmarks with ease. 🗺️


I went to Korea with my friend for a month in April. Eungul Cho gave us advice that really helped us. He was able to help in many ways whether it was about where to eat or how to book train tickets. He answered very quickly and came to get us from the airport. He even helped us when we had trouble with buying wifi. Definetly going to contact him again when I go to Korea, very much recommended if you dont have any korean friends and you want to experience all sides of Korea.

Rosella Ylistalo

Uusikaupunki, Finland

We were in Seoul in May 2022 and went out at the end of our trip with Marc and a group of people from around the world near Ewah University and Sinchon. We went first for dinner and had a very delicious jjajangmyeon and he brought us then to a famous bingsu place . 🤤 We ended the evening souvenir shopping. Marc made very good recommendations of what we could bring back as souvenirs while giving us interesting informations about the neighborhood we went. 👍 We all had a very good time! Would recommend him to everyone who is going to Seoul. Thank you/Merci/Danke Marc 😁

Julien Albrecht

Stuttgart, Germany

it was so much fun hanging out with mark. he talks about interesting facts about Korea and knows really cool places to visit. I highly recommend it!


San Paulo, Brazil

Mark was an awesome tour guide! I was able to go on several tours around Seoul with Mark and enjoyed every one. He is very knowledgeable about the culture and the history of the city. He also helped me find some really great little hole in the walls that served awesome food! If you're looking to get the most out of your trip to Korea by finding the coolest and best kept secrets of the city then I definitely recommend reaching out to Mark!


Flordia, USA

Eungul showed my parents and I around Hongdae, he had lots of cool facts about the area to share! We had a great time, did a little walking tour, sat on the grass having a drink and then he took us to a great Korean BBQ restaurant! Thoroughly recommend Eungul as a tour guide.


Plymouth, U.K.

Mark is a down to earth and friendly guy who is very passionate about his city and culture. As a foreigner currently based in Seoul, I can count on Mark to know the best places to eat which are only known by locals. These small eateries which I would have not looked twice at and passed by on the street, are some of the best and most authentic food in Seoul. Mark is great at organisation, and will make sure you have a great experience!

Lana Watters

Hounslow, London, U.K.

Don’t skim the surface. Travel is not about standard checklists and souvenirs. Join me and experience the Seoul only locals know. Experience the Seoul you never knew existed.

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Seoul Your Way: Tailored Exploration with Your Local Seoul Chingu (Buddy) 🗺️✨

I will show you around Seoul as if you were my close friend visiting from another town or country. I am deeply passionate about uncovering and exploring Seoul’s hidden secrets, from quaint alleyways to local...
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Hey there, soulful wanderers of Seoul! Immerse yourself in a musical escape with Kimchiman at the captivating Hangang – the heart and soul of...
Been practicing Korean for months or even years in your home country? Now that you're in Korea, are you struggling to chat with locals?...

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