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Journey Through Time: The Epic History of Korea in Emojis 🇰🇷✨🕰️

📜 2334 BC: Mythical founding of Gojoseon kingdom. 👑 3rd century BC: Jin state formation in southern Korea. 🇨🇳 2nd century BC: Gojoseon falls to Han...

The Best Korean Phrasebook by Kimchiman

Hey there, lovely souls! 🌸 Ready to dive into the heart of Korea? 🇰🇷 I’ve curated a sweet little phrasebook 📖 to fuel your...

Tourist trap: Gangnam-Itaewon-Insadong-Myeongdong-Hondae-Dongdaemun cycle.

Here are some views on tourist traps. "I still notice that the average tourist seems unable to escape the clutches of the Gangnam-Itaewon-Insadong-Myeongdong-Hondae-Dongdaemun cycle." -Celeste...