Hyungmin eating Jajangmyeon
Hyungmin eating Jajangmyeon

Koreanised Chinese food

The 3 most Koreanized Chinees food is Jajangmyeon, Jampong and sweet and sour pork (Tangsuyook). They often exit in set menu. I today went to a Chinese restaurant in Gimpo and ordered the three all with my friend, Huyngmin.

When theses Chinese dishes are ordered as set menu, the portion of sweet and sour pork is not very big.



What is Jajangmyeon and Jampong?

Jajangmyeon is simply black noodles. This dish is cooked with mainly with black sauce called Chunjang in Korean. Onions, potatoes and pork oil are used. So these dishes are very savory and rich.

Jampong is very spicy and often you can find a lot of seafood in it. It is sometimes so spicy that you get to lots of radish with it.


I feel so greasy.

These Chinese dishes are normally quite oily so you need to eat lots of onions and radish served together with them. You can definitely ask for more of these side dishes when you want some more. Don’t be shy!

Many Chinese people have the culture of drinking green tea in life because their foods are greasy. You had better, not to suffer from any type of heart-related disease. Enjoy these Koreanised Chinese dishes!


This is Jampong. I ordred a bowl of rice and mixed it with Jampong.
This is Jampong. I ordred a bowl of rice and mixed it with Jampong.


Sweet and sour pork
Sweet and sour pork. I took a picture of this in the middle of eating. Anyway the portion was small because it was part of our set menu B

My personal perspective on Chinese food

Most Koreans love Chinese food. But, we are also well aware these dishes are cooked unsanitary sometimes. I hardly ever order them. Sanitation issue really depends on a restaurant. So I strongly recommend you find a good, clean and sanitary one heard from word of mouth.

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