We all are very much used to eating cup ramyeon or cup noodles at a convenient store. What about normal ramyeon in a packet? You do not see this often at all convenient stores to eat on the spot.

Mini Stop at Yeoido Hangang Park
Mini Stop at Yeoido Hangang Park

But you can definitely eat them with proper stuff at a special convenient store near a park such as in Yeoido Hangang Park. When you buy the ramyeon packet, you will get the foil box along with it. Putting eggs or cheese according to your taste will top it.


The chairs and table right beside Mini Stop at Yeoido Hangang Park
The chairs and table right beside Mini Stop at Yeoido Hangang Park

You can see many youngsters eating ramyeon and snacks.



What you need is simple: ramyeon, eggs and kimchi.


The directions suggest that it takes 1 minute and 30 seconds to boil your ramyoen. Then, put eggs and you must stir. Unless you stir, the eggs can could cling to the bottom of the foil box and get burned.


My tip is don’t let it pass 1 minute and 30 seconds. Slightly after a minute, take it off of the hot stove, put eggs, stir and then eat. When the noodles are cooked well by the time it looks like they are perfectly done, you will realize that they have become too big or swollen. My perspective is that the noodles should be cooked 80% when cooking is done. Then over time soon the noodles will be bigger automatically because they are soaked in hot water already. This is my golden tip




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