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webinar on Korea
Some are shy and others have allergies. But it is okay! I can still give you all the good tips as sweet as honey, honey!

Are you coming to Korea? But are you worried as much as you are excited? Don’t worry. Kimchiman got your back! Through a webinar, your fear will turn into confidence!

  1. How to get to Seoul from Incheon Airport
  2. How to use public transport 
  3. Where to buy a simcard
  4. How to buy things and order food
  5. What apps you need
  6. How to use google/kakao/naver map
  7. How to counteract towards strangers (feat. ajumma and old people)
  8. Where to get a hair-cut or hair done
  9. Public manners (regarding walking, behaviour, eye contact, buying things and ordering food)
  10. Basic Korean expressions 

In just 30 minutes, I will make your instability into confidence! You in?

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Born in Seoul & lived both in Seoul and Gyeonggi-do. Lived and Traveled to 10 different countries. Currently living in Seoul. Understands both Korean and Western culture well.