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Hi Everyone,

This is Kimchiman. Today I wanted to share what Addy shared while she was here for about 2 months. Tell me if I am wrong, Addy. She is from Germany but is living in Glasgow, Scotland. This is what she learned during her stay here in Korea.

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1) The food looked good. Couldn’t eat it, but looked good 😄
2) Public transport is so easy. You can meet people literally anywhere and there is no big chance you get lost on the way.
3) Tourist attractions are nice, although I don’t understand why people would book tours/guides. Personally, I just walk around and read the stuff by myself or listen to an audio guideguide which are often available. However, anything tourist-y that requires you to talk to people, like food and such, I’d get it.
4) I think the most fun things were the very boring things, like taking the subway, walking through streets, going to convenience stores (srsly, that was the highlight of most of my days)


1) the food haha – I couldn’t eat anything really, and when I was out eating, not many places had written stuff in English so I never knew what I could eat. So for people like me who like to avoid talking with everyone, that’s not fun.
2) still food 😄 – but different point. People told me, and I read online that eating by yourself is super common in Asian countries, however, since it is not at all in Europe, even if it is available it’s incredibly awkward. Additionally, I guess some things like BBQ are better done in a group, so while traveling alone that’s not really possible.
3) People talk to you way too much. Like, while shopping in a supermarket, they start talking to you, in small shops, they start talking to you. From a European POV, where people avoid you, and you are left alone, this is terrible. I almost had a heart attack when a lady waited next to me in the supermarket, until I picked which conditioner to buy 😄
4) I guess the use of English? Many places like restaurants can reply in English, but trying to buy a bus ticket was a nightmare, cause no employee could reply in full sentences, which again, for someone who doesn’t like to talk, to begin with, is awful.

Thanks for sharing your opinion! Next time I can help you for deeper experience in Korea.

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