Dumplings come in many forms thorought the world. Korean dumplings look simalar in this country. Look what I have found at one special Mandu, dumpling place located near Gwangmyeong Conventional Market. For 26 years they have been making dumplings manually not using any machine unlike a big company. 

They have 2 types of Mandu. One is Gogi, meat and the other is Kimchi. Inside mandu is minced pork, sweet potato noodles, leeks, spring onions and more. Actually most Koreans do not know what is inside all. 

It tastes different from typical Chinese dumplings. While Chinese dumplings are a bit juicy and watery and sometimes the smalle of pork could be overwhelming from time to time, Korea ones are simpler and less jucier. Share it!

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i love 만두!