Korean style donuts

 These donuts in the front row have vegetables, sweet potato noodles and more. 
The donuts one the left have sweet red beans. 

The ones in the middle are sticky rice dounts. Theses are eapecially chewy. 

The ones on the very right are plain dounts. 

They are all stir fried and very tasty. Stornglynrecommend them! You can buy them at a conventional market or a wagan style shop in the street. These stores are not seen easily even in Korea becuae the number of them is going down. 

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Alba 백 수 영

I think I have tried the donuts with sweet red beans. It was tasty. I’m not sure if I would like the sticky rice ones. I usually prefer crunchy things to chewy things. I think most people I’ve talked to are like that too.