Today was one of the worst days with air pollution by micro-dust allegedly coming from China across the west sea of Korea.

You can check and see how bad it is. It has been reported through media that a number of residents have stayed home if can or have been wearing masks. In my perspective, enlightening campaign encouraging people to wear a mask while going outside home is necessary at this point.


Many Koreans are furious as to the incompetent practice coping with this heavy problem and towards the companies that have recently moved to the east part of China, closer to Korean peninsula.


I believe government officials in both nations need to meet and talk over this serious trouble that has been affecting Korea and its people over the last several years. The situation of having this level smoke with micro-dust is way more serious than it looks in our eyes as the atmosphere contains cancer causing substances in the air. It is just that it gets accumulated in the body so that it does not seem like it is dangerous. Something needs to be done.


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