I had this for lunch. Steak should not be the Korean thing. But the kidns of side dishes and the way I cook it and kinds of side dishes may be different. I reckon the difference is I eat it with especially with pickled Chinese plum, which I eat for good digestion. This case would be extremely rare in Korean households, but I wanted to share anyways. I always eat Kimchi with meat. Then the combination is great and you do not need soda or wine. Wine would top the table, though.





The green vegetables are stems of garlic. They are not spicy at all – very healthy. Bell pepper contains lots of vitamin so it is good combination with red meat.


This is my favorite part. The plums are buried in the red chili pepper paste. It could look very spicy, but as a matter of fact it is not because when Chinese plums are originally marinated with sugar in the first place. You slice it and mix this way. It works as medicine, helping you to digest food. Besides, it is very tasty, too. It looks as this when you take it off of the chili paste burial.



Kimchi is a must with meat! 🙂



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